A New Beginning Through Cursillo

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Sandi's CursilloI found a new beginning through Cursillo. It was Thursday night, September 9, 2010.  It was a night I had looked forward to for several years.  Yet the date and time of this evening was not to be of my choice.  It was Sandi’s special date and time.  However, she had no idea of the magic and majesty that would accompany her during her three-day journey to a “New Beginning.”

My wife was one of 42 women who were gathered at the Duncan Center for the 104th Southeast Florida Episcopal Women’s Cursillo.  Cursillo is a short course in the Christian faith.  It is about living in the Christian Community and discovering that God loves each of us, endows us with spiritual gifts, and sends us out to love and care for His people.  It is not intended to be a conversion experience but an enriching and deepening of what is already there.  It often provides new insights into one’s faith and fosters ministry among lay people.

Eight years earlier Cursillo had changed my life.  I knew how very special this experience had been for me, and I was eager for Sandi to experience it too.  She and the 41 other women who were largely strangers would become sisters in the next three and a half days.  They would share very personal, private thoughts and feelings; they would laugh, cry, hug, and pray together.  And through their faith and prayer they would be transformed.  I knew this weekend would also change our relationship.  United in our shared experience, we would embark upon a “New Beginning” as a couple, strengthened in our faith and service to our Lord.

When Sunday afternoon came around I was there to see the new Cursillistas, smiling from ear to ear, enthusiastically singing and clapping their hands in unison, as they processed into the chapel for the closing ceremonies, I knew by Sandi’s broad smile that she had indeed experienced a “New Beginning.”  It was clearly evident that Sandi and her new sisters, who had laughed, cried, hugged, and prayed together, had been transformed in their faith and commitment to our Lord and Savior.  It truly was the start of a “New Beginning” for Sandi and her sisters.

De Colores,

Bill Behrens

Episcopal Men’s Cursillo #78

the Table of St. Mark

– Dedicated to Sandi and her “Sisters” –

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