Memorial Garden

photo 4“Fair quiet have I found thee here,Kate Upshaw

And innocence, thy sister dear!

While all flowers and all trees do close

To weave the garlands of repose.”

(The Garden, Andrew Marvell, 1621-1678)

 The “Garden” ministry is one that allows anyone involved in it to experience God’s beauty and God’s peace in an exquisitely serene setting.

There are benches in the garden, so every visitor may sit awhile and meditate.  Those who take time to sit quietly in the garden are rewarded with a heightened sense of the presence of God, and are filled with wonder at the beauty of His creation.


Featured in this garden, is the Columbarium, and members of Saint James may choose this beautiful and serene garden as their final resting place.

The Garden is maintained by church members who have taken this on as their ministry; they welcome your support.

To find out more about this ministry, please consult either Kathy Upshaw or Grace Dickenson-Grant.